FILLING IN THE BLANKS of this story’s “before” will require imaginative leaps into thin air, because substantial components of the roomy, light, life-altering “after” now exist where once there was only sky. Lily bought this sweet 1,800-square-foot split-level in Exposition Heights (nestled northeast of University Village) in 2002, after landing […]

THERE ARE TWO “before”s to this story of woeful decline and glorious renaissance — and one “after” that’s universally happy ever.  My own personal happy happened when I first noticed this angular, singular, spectacular modern marvel while driving idly and biding some time before another NW Living home tour on Queen Anne.   Seriously: You […]

Spring is also an ideal time to make functional and aesthetic updates to your home, including surfaces in oft-used rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. From countertops to closets, Wilsonart, a world-class innovator of next generation engineered surfaces, manufactures and distributes high pressure laminate, quartz, solid surface, coordinated thermally fused laminate, […]