Roswell cabinet refinishing contractor shows how to paint kitchen cabinets

Riley Cook of “Sunset Cabinet Refinishing” shares how homeowners can paint the kitchen cabinets this weekend. The fact is that not everyone can afford a new $25,000 – $50,000 kitchen remodel or makeover. However with some paint and a little imagination it is possible to make any kitchen look new again. In this interview Riley shares some helpful tips on how he refinishes cabinets in Roswell Georgia. “Do it yourself“ homeowners will find these tips helpful. Others may realize this is not a “do it yourself project” and will look for professional help to make cabinets look new again.

Riley tells us, “Before beginning it is important to pick a color that you love. Look at kitchen remodeling magazines and websites for ideas on popular cabinet designs and colors. Stores like Benjamin Moore, Home Depot and Lowe’s sell high-quality cabinetry paint. Some have found it to be a good idea to pick up a small pint of paint to test what it looks like on a piece of wood. Sometimes it looks different then on the small paint chip sample.”

The first step is to thoroughly clean your kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinetry. Riley suggests using warm water and a mild degreaser. This helps to clean any buildup of kitchen grease from over the years. In fact even the cleanest of kitchens often have some grease on their cabinets.

Step number two is to lightly sand the entire cabinet. Be sure to sand cabinet side doors and rails. This prepares the surface for the new paint to be applied.

Step three is to wipe down the entire cabinet again with a damp cloth. This will remove any fine dust from sanding.

Step number four is to remove all cabinet knobs, hinges and hardware. Wash these in warm water and mild detergent to clean them thoroughly. After thoroughly drying them put them away all away together in one place so it will be easily found later on.

Sunset Cabinet Refinishing continues, “It is also a good time to decide if you want to upgrade any knobs to give the kitchen cabinets a different look.”

Order any new hardware immediately as it may take several weeks to arrive in the mail. Or talk to your cabinet refinisher for ideas on you cabinet knobs and handles.

Step five is to remove all doors and drawers and store them in the garage for spraying later.

protect everything in your kitchen with plastic and tape before cabinet refinishing in roswell

Riley continues, “Step six Is to take plastic sheeting and cover everything in the kitchen that you don’t want paint overspray on. This includes appliances like refrigerator dishwasher and countertop. At this stage it’s also time to tape drop cloth to the floor to protect the kitchen floor finish.”

Step seven is to either rent or borrow professional spray painting equipment. Riley explains, “You want a good spray paint gun to get a fine finish on your cabinets. Otherwise you will regret it.”

Riley suggest renting with dan for a weekend that there is plenty of time to practice before actually painting the cabinetry. Riley tells us there there is a knack for using and handling a spray gun so that it does not spit paint all over your beautiful cabinets. In fact it often takes weeks or even months of practice for new painters to get the knack of it. Professional cabinet painters are often called in to go back and redo cabinets with bad overspray problems from homeowners that tried to do it themselves.

Step eight is to paint the cabinet sides, face and rails. Lightly sand in between coats. Then apply a second coat for the glass finish that you were looking for. Repeat by sprain cabinet drawers and doors afterwards. Allow plenty of time for your new paint to dry in between coats of paint and sanding.

Step nine is two install your new hardware on two doors and drawers.

Step ten is to install the freshly painted drawers and doors.

Step eleven is to clean up all of the plastic sheeting drop cloths. Notice all the overspray on these. It makes a homeowner grateful they took the time to prepare well.

Step 12 is to step back and enjoy your new kitchen.

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