Does Your Kitchen Look Too Simple? We Got You

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Looking for easy kitchen remodel ideas that will transform your area fast and affordably? Your search is now complete. Yes, a kitchen should be functional, but it is also the heart of the home, so it should reflect the people who live there, and it doesn’t have to be a whole kitchen renovation to do so!

We’ve compiled a list of fast and easy DIY kitchen makeovers that demonstrate all you need to make your kitchen feel brand new in your mind (and some paint). So keep scrolling for a plethora of creative space.

Bold Kitchen Tiles

Use wall or kitchen floor tiles in your favorite color or pattern to add personality to your room. Keep the worktops and units plain if you’ve gone for a bold pattern on the walls. The same rule applies to shiny and matt surfaces: always place a high-shine surface next to a matt one to avoid looking too busy.

Patterned, tiled floors create a powerful focal point, but if a complete wall or floor pattern is too much, a splashback takes up less space and still adds character, plus it’s a more cost-effective option.

Dining Table

A table is a great place to start when it comes to a simple kitchen makeover. If you already have a lovely dining table, include it in your design from the beginning. It’s critical that your kitchen designer is aware of the shape and size of your table.

A smart design should complement the table’s style, so use fresh cabinetry or worktops – or even your kitchen window treatments – to draw attention to the material or color. If your furniture is made of wood, consider the other woods you’ll be using and limit the number of wood treatments per room to two.

With appealing, low-hung pendant lighting and good-looking dining chairs, the table is further highlighted and made a focal point.

Boho Touch

The majority of this lovely boho kitchen makeover was accomplished with just one can of French Chic Al Fresco paint! Obviously, the stunning styling has aided in this transformation as well. The open shelves, wonderful rug, prints, and houseplants all contribute to the boho look.

Kitchen Lighting

Having extremely nice kitchen lighting is one of the simplest ways to start a kitchen renovation. Because the kitchen has evolved into a multi-functional family gathering place, it’s critical to combine useful job lighting with attractive ambient lighting. Wherever practical, add low pendants and wall lights to supplement the above lighting, which is required but not atmospheric.

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