5 Eclectic Instagram Looks for Your Blah Living Room

No, you aren’t imagining it: Boho is back in a big way this season—especially in our living rooms. Just when we thought staying home this winter couldn’t possibly get any cozier, here we are, with a whole new set of boho-chic looks that are seriously bringing bold creative vibes, as well as the warm fuzzies.

This week, we’re sharing the hottest boho decor trends we’ve discovered on Instagram. They have all the design inspiration you’ve been looking for, whether you’re aiming to redefine your farmhouse decor of years’ past or lend some color to your minimalist all-white space.

No. 1: Mantelpiece vignette

Do you have a gorgeous fireplace or mantelpiece that’s getting lost in your decor scheme? You may want to try remaking it with a vintage-inspired decor collection, like this one from @linenandtwigs.

“Personalizing your space with eclectic collectibles and upcycled treasures is all the rage,” says Courtney Wollersheim, a designer at FLOOR360. “Displaying these items on your mantel in an artful way will be a happy reminder of travels, memories, or favorite memorabilia from loved ones. Look for vintage brass or wood-framed mirrors, and stack some antique books to fill in the gaps.”

Get the look: Pair your favorite old books and memorabilia with a few of these Anglo Arendahl traditional accent mirrors.

No. 2: Midcentury modern recliners

Classy and comfy? Sign us up! These gorgeous recliners from @littlelatteblush are the answer to a living room that needs a touch of laid-back sophistication.

“Midcentury modern recliners are seriously trending right now, due to their easygoing, casual style,” says Mark Feldman, chief home officer of the decor marketplace Riverbend Home. “They’re the perfect chair to kick back with friends or sink into and binge your favorite series. The sleek lines and gentle curves go well with any decor, and they come in a multitude of colors—this year’s favorites being the earth tones.”

Get the look: Bring some earthy comfort into your space with this Sienna wood recliner.

No. 3: Vibrant vintage rug

Nothing complements a chill boho vibe quite like a bold, vintage-inspired throw rug—especially if the colors are on point, as we see in this post from @lovinglansdowne.

“Earth tones are dominating the color landscape this year, but you don’t want to go overboard and design a room that’s completely monochromatic,” says Feldman. “Enter the area rug, which allows you to add a splash of color. The soothing tones surrounding the rug will make the colors seem more vibrant and fun.”

Selecting a vintage pattern will make the rug fit right in, Feldman says. It will also tie in any other pops of color you may wish to add, like throw pillows or accent pieces.

Get the look: Bring a wild streak to your otherwise tame space with this Joshua red area rug.

No. 4: Hippie throw pillows

Speaking of splashes of color, these happy, hippie throw pillows from @the_house_at_no15 might be just the thing if you don’t want to go the Full Monty with a rug.

“Throw pillows give a warm vibe to any room they’re placed in and are easy to swap out with the seasons,” says Wollersheim. “Especially if the homeowners are focused on bringing organic elements from the outside in. A fluffy pillow made of hemp or a fun floral will fit perfectly in this aesthetic.”

Get the look: Add eccentric and eco vibes to your living room with these woven Moroccan pillow covers.

No. 5: Ombre macrame wall hanging

Like true bohemians, we love a good macrame wall hanging. And while the white ones will do just fine, there’s something to be said about the “wow” factor of this ombre piece from @1stdibs.

“If you want a design focal point in your room with drama and texture, then an ombre macrame is definitely for you,” says Wollersheim. “This wall hanging would work as a contrasting element in a room with all smooth lines (think Scandinavian designs) or seamlessly fit into an eclectic arrangement in the maximalist style.”

Get the look: No matter what style your space may be, it never hurts to add a little drama—especially if it looks as good as this Aurora macrame.


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